The Safe At Home System

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Monthly Monitoring fee as low as $15 per month!
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Did You Know?  

According to the National Fire Alarm Code, published by the National Fire Protection Association, it is estimated that on the average, every family will experience two fires serious enough to report to the fire department per lifetime.

People over the age of 65 have triple the risk of fire death or injury, and people over the age of 80 have 4.5 times the risk.

DeTech gives you The Safe At Home™ System & monitored fire protection all for less than the national competition charges for medical alert alone.

With monitoring fees as low as $15.00 a month…DeTech can fit into ANY budget.

If you are trying to exit a free-burning fire, fully involved, I would imagine if you are not out of that house within the first minute or two, you’re finding yourself in a position where you may not ever get out of that house.”

Bill Kennedy
Fire Chief, Ret. College Station, Texas

“I do believe there are better systems than others, and to a certain extent with home fire detection devices, you get what you pay for.”

Michael Holdeman
Fire Chief, Union Township, Michigan

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The Safe AT Home System from DeTech Features
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring
  • Fully installed and serviced by a trained and certified DeTech representative
  • Emergency Pendant: When you need help, press the pendant and help is on the way
  • Low Battery? No problem! The pendant sends a message to the base station to let it know if its battery is getting low
  • Your monthly monitoring fee stays the same, whether you have 1 pendant or 3
  • No-Hassle Clause which allows you to cancel if you no longer need the system
  • 1,000 ft range gives you complete mobility around the house and even the yard
  • Available to call any 4 people you decide such as friends, family, or neighbors
  • Great Alternative to the high cost of assisted living or retirement communities
  • Includes Quality Fire Protection that virtually eliminates false alarms
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The Base Station Uses Your Phone Line To Call The Monitoring Station.

Live 2-Way-Voice Communication
Virtually Eliminates False Alarms And Lets You Know That Help Is On The Way!

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  • DeTech is the most affordable protection available.

• DeTech allows you to live independently in your own home.

• Today’s assisted living homes can cost more than $3000 per month.

• Professional caregivers agree that DeTech is the best alternative to nursing home care.

Look What Professional Care Givers Say....

“Occasionally, in this line of business, I come across a product or program that I get excited about and like to share. The Safe At Home™ System from DeTech is one of those products. In fact, I was so impressed with them that I asked them to install one in my mom’s home. She likes to work in her yard and the Emergency Button (watch or necklace) monitors up to 1000 feet. They have medication reminders and the unit does not have to be reset daily, which I thought was a real asset. Smoke detection was an option also.”

Beverly D. Mital, C.E.O
Guardian Family Care, Inc.
LeClaire, IA

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Why Consider the Safe At Home System?
  • Falls are one of the most serious health risks among seniors over the age of 65, affecting more people than stroke and heart attacks combined.
  • Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury in people 65 and over. Burns are the second leading cause.
  • More than half of all falls by seniors take place in the home. An additional 23% occur outside but near the house.
  • In the case of a home fall emergency, seizure, heart attack, stroke or other serious illness, a senior usually cannot get to or dial a telephone to call for help.

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What can prevent us from getting out safely?

We call them the three M’s.

• Memory, Medications and Mobility.

• As we age we become more forgetful.

• Leaving something on the stove or a candle burning etc.

• Many of the medications we take can impair our judgment or make it difficult to awaken to a fire.

• When a fire does break out it can be more difficult and in some cases impossible to escape a fire on our own.

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How Does The Safe At Home System Compare?


Life Alert® Medical Response

Monthly Monitoring Fee $ 49.95
$49.95 per month = $599.40 per year X7yrs.
Total Cost of Detectors $4195.80

Equipment Setup (you install) $ 295.00
No local installation or service available
Total Cost over 7 Years $4490.80

Life Line® Medical Response

Monthly Monitoring Fee $ 42.00
$42.00 per month = $504.00 per year X7yrs.
Total Cost of Detectors $3528.00

Equipment Setup $ 70.00
No local installation or service
Total Cost over 7 Years $3598.00


The Safe At Home™ System From DeTech

Monthly Monitoring Fee $ 15.00
$15.00 per month = $180.00 per year X7yrs.
Total Cost of Detectors $1260.00

Equipment Setup $ 1150.00
Installation and service by your local DeTech Dealer
Total Cost over 7 Years $2410.00

• The DeTech Safe At Home System™ includes Medical response, Monitored fire protection and many other useful features.

• All for a total 7 year cost of only $2400

• Saving you as much as $2000 over the leading national brand!



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DeTech’s Safe at Home System™ allows Seniors to Maintain their Independence and Safety in the Comfort of their own Home.


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